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Kids Welcome

We are a family business, and welcome all ages into our space.  In fact, we have all kinds of playtime and encourage family time together.  

Let's get this out of the way right away!  "Unsupervised Children Will be Given Espresso and a FREE Puppy"

Safety First

Children must be supervised by a parent/caregiver/guardian at all times.   Safety is our first concern - we don't want anyone to be hurt due to tripping or spilling of hot liquids.

What we don't promote...

A parent/caregiver/guardian that comes down to play games for hours and expects a young child to amuse themself.  We aren't here to babysit, or watch over your child/ren.  You can certainly set your child up to game if it's age-appropriate, but please be aware that it's your responsibility to attend to their needs and ensure that they are behaving themselves.  Unfortunately our staff can't spend time explaining how to play games, level up, what the characters' abilities are, etc.

And now... here's all the ways that kids (with or without adults) can have fun at our business:

Playing Together as a Family

 We're hoping that if you have children that you'll want to come down here and spend time playing together as a family.  It seems that families are stretched in so many different directions, trying to do so much, that sometimes the simple fun stuff seems impossible to do.  So when ever you have a free window of time, come on down.  Whether you're being spontaneous, or have planned family time, we'd love to be the place you think of.  

Age Appropriate Games

In the coffee area we have board and card games, many are for kids.  There's no charge to play the games we have in the 'coffee room' we just ask you to be our food/drink customers when you come in to play.

We also have some console games that are rated "E" for Everyone.  Please visit our Rates information to see how much it costs.  We also have a FABULOUS deal for families during a Discount Rate time. 


Learning About a New Hobby or Game

During Spring/Christmas Breaks, Pro D Days and the Summer - We offer camps that teach specific hobbies/games (Warhammer, etc.) by folks that have a passion about the games they play.  Throughout the year there are specific times that learning opportunities are available as well.  Some of these activities are free, while others have a fee attached to cover the costs of material.


School Break Time - Gaming Specials

Whether it's a Pro D Day, Spring/Summer/Christmas Break - we may offer daily or shorter term gaming specials.  Group gaming specials that access the interactive gaming systems may also be offered, and could be available to younger children who are interested in meeting other kids and perhaps learning some new games.  Of course we expect children to respect and follow our rules, or parents/caregivers will be asked to come and get them.   


Toys to Keep 'Em Happy - a children's play area

If you're coming down for a cuppa coffee or tea, a visit with a friend, or just need some time in a different space other than home, we  provide a children's play area with a limited amount of toys in the 'coffee area'.  Or if children want to stay at your table we can provide paper with crayons/pencil crayons.  It is always a parent/caregiver's responsibility to ensure that children are safe and behaving appropriately. 


Children's Play Area (in the Coffee Area)

And We Do Birthday Parties, too!

Yup... isn't that cool?  For kids that enjoy gaming, this is a great place to hold a party.  Weather issues?  It doesn't rain in here, lol... and it's air conditioned in the warmer months.  Check out our Party Packages to see if this is something that would work for you and your family.  Minimum charges apply to parties, with a non-refundable deposit to hold your reservation.


For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.


Check our Activity Calendar each month to see what's happening.

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