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Our Team


We're a family-run business, and people who work here are part of our extended 'family'. 


Carol - Employee Extraordinaire (who has been with us since the day we opened)

Carol was born on the other side of the country, but due to a military lifestyle, has ended up in BC.  Carol and her partner have recently become grandparents, and are enjoying it thoroughly.

Carol has a background in Early Childhood Education, but has had a number of different jobs over the years, including doing some barrista work at other local coffee establishments.  She brings with her a strong work ethic and a natural ability to work in customer service. 

We are very fortunate to have Carol on our team, she truly is a 'Godsend'.


Mikhi - our newest member

Mikhi has a background as a barista, and has worked in another local coffee establishment.  We are pleased to have her sweet personality and her smiling face here with us.  She enjoys baking yummy goodies, and has come up with a number of 'hit' sandwiches and treats!

Terry - on a return engagement to the Comox Valley

Terry has recently moved back to the Comox Valley and we're pleased to have him join our team.  Terry has a strong background playing Magic: The Gathering, as well as a love of board gaming... so this is a perfect fit.  We are really excited to have Terry join us at Games and Grounds.   

Alex Greenwood - co-owner (and also a Purple Sparkly Unicorn)

Alex originates from Burlington, Ontario but has been in BC since 1980.  Looking for a better life for their family, Alex and her husband Dave moved from the Mainland to the Comox Valley in 1993 and currently reside in Merville.  Alex and Dave have raised 3 kids, now all 'young' adults.  All 3 'kids' happily make their home in the Comox Valley.  Alex and Dave have had some more recent additions to their family - a wonderful daughter-in-law, her momma, and a lovely granddaughter.  You can porbably guess that the granddaughter is adorable...

Although Alex's background is in Early Childhood Education, she has also held employment in the restaurant industry.  Her most recent employment before starting Games and Grounds Coffee House was working at the Comox Military Family Resource Centre where she started in the Kinnikinnik Childcare Centre and then later became the coordinator for Emergency & Respite Childcare Services and Deployment Services.  Alex proudly worked there from 1995 - 2010 when she decided to take a leap of faith in this new venture. 

Family values are important, as is giving to the community.  Alex has volunteered for local non-profit agencies such as the United Way, the Learning Disabilities Association of BC and Habitat for Humanity.  Alex and Dave have had Katimavik students in their home since 1984, and have been fortunate to have 2 students from Mexico through Cultural Homestay International.  Currently Alex volunteers on a family-governed board for The Comox Valley Youth Project, which works out of its host agency, The CV Child Development Association.  The Greenwood family have also been a 'foster family' for Newbark Canine Rescue and Rehoming Society, falling in love and adopting several of their foster dogs!

Alex enjoys going for walks and bike rides in the 'wilds' of Merville and reading when she has the time.  Alex also loves animals and is happy that they live on 3 acres so she and her family can give their cats and dogs room to run.


Josh Greenwood - co-owner

Josh was born in North Vancouver but has resided in the Comox Valley with his parents and brother and sister since he was 7yrs old.  Doing most of his schooling through the 'alternate' school system in SD71, he is proud to have graduated in 2005.  In 2010 Josh knew that he wouldn't be satisfied working for someone else, so he and his parents decided to become business partners and open up Games and Grounds Coffee House. 

Josh started gaming with the first Nintendo system early on, and progressed through all of the systems as they came out.  He is an avid gamer, currently spending most of his gaming time playing 'Rust'.  Of course he has his preferred gaming system...

Josh enjoys camping, hiking and working out, has his firearms license, and enjoys watching UFC.  He, his fiancée, and their daughter live in Merville. 


Jessica Greenwood - baker and helper

Yes, Jessica is related!  (Jessica is Josh's younger sister)  Jessica attended the Life Skills Program at Mark R. Isfeld Secondary and currently attends The Youth Project during the week as well as participating in The Friendship Project.  Jessica loves to bake and cook, and we're fortunate to have her whipping up some of the most favourite 'goodies' that we sell!  Jessica spends a lot of time swimming and biking, and enjoys animals a lot.  Jessica bought herself a laptop a few years ago, and loves to be on FB, including the many games it offers.  She also has a great appreciation of music, listening to everything from old rock 'n roll to country and rap.  In her down time, she enjoys talking on the phone, texting, and sleeping.


For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.

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