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Magic The Gathering           

Games and Grounds is pleased to offer sanctioned MTG events!   We are an ADVANCED level store, so we'll be putting on some great events for you with even more prizes!  Feedback on what you'd like to see is appreciated.  call 250-871-1171, visit us in person, or email us

For those events where a decklist is required, feel free to download this editable decklist.  Please save it to your computer first, and then fill it in and save it with a different file name.  Then you can use it over and over again. 

If you are doing your decklist by hand, please be aware that they must be legible!!!

 NEW - Preliminary PTQ's 

We will be holding a PPTQ each quarter, for folks to go on to the Vancouver PTQ.  Please visit this Wizards site for more info

Here is information about the upcoming event:

  • Saturday May 2nd, 2015
  • Format:  Modern
  • Cost:  $20 including taxes
  • Time: 10:30am
  • be here by 10:00am to confirm your spot
  • Preregistration recommended, limited spots available.

For those registering the day of - if there is still space available: you must be on-site and registered NO LATER THAN 10:00am.  We open at 10am

This event is judged by a level 2 judge (Callum Milne). 

Since it's a more formal event, it will be run more formally.

Introducing: The New Path to the Pro Tour

The new path to the Pro Tour will be a two-tier series of events that will lead players to their invitations and airfare to the Pro Tour. In this new structure, players will compete in local-level Preliminary PTQs, which begin in December of 2014; winners of these events will move on to Regional PTQs, which will earn top players invitations and airfare to the Pro Tour starting with the July/August 2015 Pro Tour.

  • Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers for Pro Tour Vancouver 2015 start on December 6, 2014 and will run until February 22, 2015
  • The winner of a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier during this season qualifies to play in one of the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers tied to Pro Tour Vancouver 2015, which take place worldwide on April 25-26, 2015

Open Trials and Invitational Qualifiers (Star City Games)

New as of March 2014:  We have completed the process and are now able to run Star City Games Open Trials and Invitational Qualifiers.  Want to be on our email list?  email us and let us know.


NEW Info re: DCI Numbers - (required to play in sanctioned events)

Having a DCI number means you can be plugged into the system when playing Magic, and can get rating/points for the games you play.  In order to play in the FNM and other sanctioned events a DCI number is required.  If you want to just play casually and don't want a card - then casual play is for you!

Effective immediately - Using a mobile device or computer, players now create their own accounts in order to obtain their DCI number, using the following link: . Players must have their own email account, as registration is confirmed this way.

If you haven't got a DCI number, please complete this process prior to registering for any of our events.  We do have computer access on-site if you need to do it here at Games and Grounds.


CALLING ALL MTG PLAYERS! Do you want to become a judge for us?  Let us know!  We'd love to run bigger events that require a judge - visit the HOW TO BECOME A JUDGE for information on how to do this. 

Links for MTG Info

Wizards of the Coast 
Magic The Gathering - TCG
Magic Online
Wizards website for current information on Standard play
Info about Sanctioned Formats  
Banned/Restricted Lists
DCI Membership Login
DCI Homepage
Planeswalker Points
Wizard's Magic Card Database:  Gatherer

2014-2015 Premier Play Updates

The New Path to the Pro Tour

Improving the Grand Prix

New Enhancements to the Pro Players Club

Pro Players Club

 Have a suggestion?  Let us know!


See our Activity Calendar for information about our MTG events.  Pre-registration required for some.  Limited seats. 


OUR REGISTRATION POLICIES for MTG Events (Pre-release, Game Day, etc.)

    please read as there are more new changes to our policies - changed May 15, 2013. 


  • In order to ensure that we start events on time, pre-registration is preferred for all large MTG events.
  • Please note that if there are limited spaces it is a 'first-come, first-served' policy.
  • You can pre-register in person or by phone (if paying with a credit card) 
  • Payment can be made by e-transfer, but you must talk to us before doing this to ensure you have the correct amount.
  • If you are signing up for a 2HG, you MUST know who your partner is!
  • People from out-of-town or with mobility issues only may register by email.  We will respond to your email so that you know we have received your registration request.  Payment is still required to hold your spot.
  • Although we check our FB and email, we don't want to count on these forms of communication for registration for events.  That goes for 'events' on our FB page as well.  (people click that they are 'going' but really are not interested in registering for the event - it's just a great way for them to let others to know about our event, and to invite people to it... so we're not discouraging it!)

Guild pack or other choices:

  • we are no longer taking choices prior to the day of the event
  • choice of pack is first-come/first-served the day of the event - so the sooner you sign up, the more chance you have of getting your choice

Fees and Payment:

  • Payment is due when you register!  This guarantees your spot.  Showing up the day of the event 30 minutes prior to start time confirms your attendance.
  • Fees will not be reimbursed if you have registered for a 2HG and your partner does NOT register before the event fills up.  No pressure there, partners!
  • Fees will not be reimbursed if you don't show up, nor will you receive any cards (this will prevent people from signing up 'just to get the cards' and not participating in the tournament)

Methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit cards: Mastercard or Visa (on-site or over the phone)
  • E-transfer from your bank account (send to our email at   Please get an exact total prior to sending a transfer!


  • There will be a limited number of spots for events.  Once these spots are filled, we will take names on a waitlist - if a spot becomes available it will be offered in the order of the people listed.
  • Depending on the timeline, we reserve the right to pass by those who do not respond quickly. 
  • Any fee would be due immediately to hold your spot.

Cancellations or Forfeiture:

  • On game/tournament day registrants must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to start time to confirm their participation.  When you enter the store please ask who you need to speak to to identify yourself as 'here'. 
  • If you're not here 30 minutes prior, your name will not be put in the system, your spot is forfeited and you will not receive any cards that you may have paid for.   You will also not be reimbursed.
  • If you are registering for the event that day you will take your chances that there may not be any spots available.  You must show up at least 30min prior to start time - or even sooner if we advertise so. 

Games and Grounds is excited that we are able to offer pre-releases, games days and other special events for you, our customers.  Because we are a sanctioned location with an 'advanced' level rating, we have opportunities to give away cool ‘shwag’, and to do pre-releases where you can purchase merchandise a week before it goes on sale to the public.  We play MTG, so we know how exciting it is when there is new stuff coming out - or if you can play and get something free!  But here's the thing... 
2:  Full participation is expected: 

  • No, you can't just get the cards, play one game, then go!  In the spirit of the game, stay and play. 
  • When people leave during a tournament it affects the dynamics and standings of the remaining players.  
  • If you can't commit to being here the whole time please leave the spot open to someone who can.  If someone leaves before the end of a tournament they forfeit their participation at the next event(s).
  • Dates of large events are set by Wizards of the Coast.  G&G tries to set times to work best for the length of the event and the participants' availability.  Feedback is welcome.

Regularly Scheduled MTG

Please see our Activity Calendar for our regularly scheduled events each month.  Remember that this is THE place to be for playing MTG - so often people are playing random casual games here.


Selling MTG

We try to keep up a list of what we have, but as soon as we buy stuff, it seems to fly off the shelf!  Please call us if you want to find out if we have a particular item.  Visit our Retail TCG page for more information

Limited Quantity Items Policy:

The first week we will sell ONE item or box per person.  If there are any items/boxes after that time, we will sell them as first-come, first-served unless we specify otherwise.

Please feel free to come in and buy, sell and trade your single cards with other folks in here!  Games and Grounds is happy to be the place for people to meet, play and trade with.  (please do not bring in sealed items for sale or trade)

Let us know if there is something you want us to order in - we'll try our best to get it.


 For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.

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